The Beach
The sandy beach is very convenient for children since the depth of the water doesn’t
exceed 120 cm at the range of 150 m from the coast. Moreover, the guests can
use the other nearby beaches.

Highly recommendable is a beautiful beach cca. 150m from Apartments Marko, in the
direction of the tourist town of Zaton.

The biggest sandy beach is in Ninske Vodice/Ninsko Blatio, about 1.5 km from
the Apartments where guests have the opportunity to use mud-baths.


There’s a beautiful view from the terrace of the apartment to the open
sea and the marina.

There is a spacious terrace about 27m2 in dimension, 13.5m2 per apartment.

There are also tables with 4 chairs for each apartment.

It is very important to mention there is always the sea breeze blowing
that cools you in high temperatures during the summer.
Click to open enlarged image in a new window.   Click to enlarge a image      Courtyard
The plan of the yard presents outdoor showers ,the grill spot and the parking
area for 6 cars. Grill is free for use for all apartments’ guests.

There is one parking lot reserved for each apartment.

In addition, there is a large playground for children around the fountain.