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  Welcome on our Website Apartments Marko!
Looking for a quiet place on the coast, sandy beaches and a great fun
for your vacation?

Apartments Marko are situated on the southern coast between Zaton
and Privlaka;
¤ 14 km from the old town of Zadar
¤ 2000 m from the center of Nin
¤ 800 m from the Holiday Village Zaton
¤ 250 m from the market
¤ 45 m from the beach
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General information about the apartments:
¤ 35m2 per apartment (apartment only)
¤ 4 beds (4 person)
¤ terrace 13,5 m2 per apartment
¤ secured parking lot for 6 vehicles (at least one place for each apartment),
¤ outdoor showers,
¤ grill.
Each apartment contains:
¤ living room,
¤ kitchen,
¤ bedroom,
¤ bathroom,
¤ spacious terrace.