The Living Room
Contains the couch that can be used as a double bed; besides, there is another
double-bed in the bedroom. In addition, there's a sofa to relax and watch TV.
The floor in the living room is covered with the carpet.

Each apartment has a TV set and a satellite receiver.

Each apartment is equipped with the fan for cooling the room and preventing
stuffy air.
    The Kitchen
Contains all necessary appliances for preparing and storing food such as the
stove and the refrigerator, as well as all the dishes and utilities that are available
for the guests.

There is also a table with five chairs.
    The Bedroom
Contains a comfortable double bed,140×190 cm in dimension and a spacious
wardrobe for all your stuff and clothes.

In addition, the guests can use all bed linen as well as extra blankets and pillows.

In case you want to read before going to sleep, there are also bedside
lamps above the bed.
  The Bathroom