– I –
The guests are obliged to take care of the house and its equipment and leave them in the same condition.
In case of any damages, they have to pay for all.
– II –
The guests are requested not to make the walls dirty and kill mosquitoes and other insects on the walls.
In case of any dirt, they will be charged for painting of the whole room
– III –
The guests are requested to keep the given key all the time. In case of losing it, they have to pay for 3 new keys together with the new lock. In addition, the guests are asked to lock the door after leaving the apartment since the host is not responsible for missing things and valuable objects.
– IV –
The guests are responsible for their behavior inside the house. In case of any incident,
they have to take the consequences.
– V –
The rent for maximum 4 days must be paid immediately after arrival and for the longer stay not later than the second day after arrival. If the guest wants to leave earlier than planned, he/she can't be refunded the money for the stay already paid. If the guest has reserved the house for a longer period, but he/she has to leave for some reason to 2 days after the arrival, he/she pays the price for the actual stay, increased by 35% including 25% of the total price for reservation
– VI –
Smoking is allowed in the living room but not in the bedroom. The guests are requested not to throw butts into the trashcan and empty out the ashtrays into the toilets in order to prevent the fire. The guests are also requested not to throw away garbage and butts in the yard.
– VII –
The guests are obliged to respect the privacy and security of other guests. They are not permitted to make any noise from 11 PM to 7 AM
– VIII –
It is not allowed to leave the pets alone in the house. Pets are not permitted to disturb other guests, so it is recommendable to keep them on a lead. In case of any incident, the owner of the pet has to take the consequences.
– IX –
Apartments must be empty by 10 o'clock on the departure day and the new guest can enter the apartment after 12 o'clock on the arrival day (if it is not arranged in another way). If the guests have some friends who want to stay overnight in the apartment, it is possible in case there are some beds available, but the host must be informed in advance about their arrival. 5 EUR must be paid for each extra guest per person and per day including sojourn tax.
– X –
The guests are requested to bring their own cosmetics and other things such as towels, toilet paper, soap, iron, etc.
– XI –
The guests are requested not to take away the things from the house such as blankets, sheets, etc., to the beach
– XII –
The guests are obliged to show the owner the house just before they leave.
– XIII –
By paying the reservation or the total price the guests have accepted these house rules and have to obey them.

We wish you a nice stay in our apartments.
Apartments Marko